Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Well, another day that has just flown by and all I seem to have accomplished is moving chairs around in the living room, getting the boy to move his lego from the middle of the room and getting some hoovering done.  Apart from that, I've been sorting out a cat who has diarrhoea (even with spell check, still not entirely sure if that is the correct spelling lol, its one of those words that will not cement itself in my brain).  Rang the vets and they suggested starving him for 24 hours and see if that helps, so watch this space, he is such a gannet with food and gets very grumpy if not fed.  Poor thing, he never does things by halves, always seems to end up at the vets :(

So, apart from taking pictures of the things I made last night and posting them to my facebook page, not much work has been done *slaps wrist*  But I have a free day tomorrow so I am planning to get as much done as possible in readiness for Boscombe Vintage Market on Saturday.

That's all from me for now, have a good evening and I will catch up with you soon,

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hello there, just a quickie before we go off to see Twilight Breaking Dawn.  Not really quite excited at all :D  I am hoping it will make up for the disappointment of finding out that Brad Pitt was filming a little way down the coast last weekend :(  I didn't find out until today so am a bit gutted to think that he was so close by and I didn't know it lol  Anyhoo, can't wait to get my fix of Edward Cullen on the big screen, and quite possibly for the very last time *sob*

Earlier today I popped over to Hobbycraft and managed to spend a bit too much money, again, but its so hard to come out of there with either nothing at all, or just what you went in for (well, I do anyway).  Then of course, when I got home, I had to make some cards using something of what I got, to justify it :D  Plus, while sorting out a pile of card in the kitchen, I found some Christmas papers that  I had completely forgotten about!  and I am in LOVE with them all over again.  Here are a couple of cards, using the papers and a couple of ripple xmas stickers I got in Hobbycraft:

So maybe not quite the typical kind of card you would get at Christmas  but then I guess I am not the typical Christmas kind of gal ;)

Right, I'm offski (told you it would be a quickie today :D)  Speak to you soon,

Monday, 26 November 2012

Gosh, I have no idea where today went!  I had every intention of getting more cards done today and have failed miserably.  I was also going to go to Hobbycraft to buy a couple of bits, and then to Fabric Land to look for a pattern, but got waylaid and ended up at a friend's for a cuppa and a chinwag, like you do :)  We were going to go off and watch Twilight this evening, but the boy can't miss cadets tonight as they are being tested for their next star rank, so we are off to see it tomorrow instead.  I can't believe how restrained I have been and not gone to see it yet, considering it has been out for over a week now :D  Which reminds me, I need to book the tickets.

So, to today's make.  I am busy getting things ready for Boscombe Vintage Market on Saturday, lots still to do, but here is one of the new things that will be available to buy:
A couple of Christmas sweet treat surprises :)  I think the next ones I make, I will use either red or green card, as the cream doesn't seem to make it Christmassy enough for me.  I was tidying up today and found the score attachment for my cutter, so am extremely pleased and relieved that scoring will be a doddle again when I get to make some more later on this evening.

Right, I'm off to watch the rest of The Secret of Critchley Hall' and will speak to you soon, have a good evening :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Soooo, a month today will be Christmas Day, how did it come around so fast?    This year has positively whizzed by.  I have been busy making a few Christmas cards, both to sell and to send out myself.  I thought today I would post up photos of a few examples of the cards I have been making.
 I love this stamp, such a shame that it was discontinued by Stampin' Up, but they have got another one for this year which is similar though, so all is not lost.
 I have been making cards using fabric too, I cut out the picture, then glue it to some felt, use pinking shears to pretty up the edges and voila :)

 Here is another using the lovely gingerbread man stamp set again, I do like the cute little guy :)
This Christmas tree stamp is from the same set as the gingerbread man, and also has a corresponding framelit, which would save lots of time cutting them out (which I can attest to as I haven't got the framelits as yet).

I hope these have inspired you to get making your Christmas cards, if you fancy the stamp set, Scentsational Season, then please feel free to contact me to place an order.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

(Checks the clock)  Good morning!  And what a perfectly horrid morning it is too :)  so I am sat here, fending off a cat wanting to sit on my knee, watching last night's Have I Got News For You and having a chuckle :)  A cuppa will be in order soon, and a couple of biscuits too I think :)

Its just me and the cats til tomorrow afternoon as the boy has gone off to a weekend camp with the army cadets.  Although I think they will be sleeping in barracks rather than under canvas (at least I hope so anyway).  Tonight they are having a formal dinner followed by a disco, so yesterday we went out to find him a suit to wear.  After spending half the afternoon traipsing round town, we went to Tesco, where we found a suit jacket reduced from near on £40 down to just £15, and a shirt reduced from £14 to £3.  Bargain!  Got him dressed up in it last night to see how he looks and here he is:
My little boy is growing into a fine young man :)  I am so proud of him.  

So today I have been sorting out the cushions I have for sale and photographing them for my Facebook page.  I also have found some fabric that I was planning to use to make cushion covers and didn't get around to it, so now I have rediscovered it, I will get on and make them up.  Here is a sample of the cushion covers I have on sale at the moment:
This one is made from a print with fun cat images on it and bordered with a blue patterned fabric.  All my cushions have a zip in the back, for ease of getting the pad in and out.
This one is a patchwork of squares, sewn together and quilted, and bordered with a patterned fabric in neutral colours.
This one is made from a fabric with a raised dot pattern, it is backed with the same fabric.

Oh, how I wish the sun would make an appearance, it is sooo dark in here, will need the daylight bulb to see what I'm doing I think.

Righty-ho, I'm off now, have a good day, hope the weather is better with you than it is here :)  Speak soon,

Friday, 23 November 2012

Morning all :)  Today I could quite easily throw the computer out the window, it is being soooo slow, took me too long to get this page loaded to write the post.  Ho hum, never mind, I'm here now :)  After all the rain and wind last night, the sun is making an appearance this morning, thankfully.  But I think we won't be braving Avon Heath this afternoon anyway, apparently there is flooding over that way, so I imagine the ground will be a bit muddy there (not that I am *that* precious about getting muddy, but still...)  

I should really be getting on with making some Christmas cards anyway, I have had an order for 12 (woo hoo)  I was looking at the boxes of cards in the shops yesterday and they had 'handmade' 10cm by 10cm packs of 5 for £2, which is eeek-some :O  How am I to compete with that?  But it is the same with all things handmade I find, people increasingly want something for nothing.  Its not helped by the cheap imports, why pay more when you can have one of them?  People sometimes don't factor in that it is my time (in fact, if I put my actual time into the pricing, things would be even more expensive) and materials aren't that cheap if you are sourcing better quality items.

Anyhoo, off my soapbox I come, and on to showing you piccies of the latest purses:

As ever, the pictures don't quite do them justice.  They are £5.50 each including UK p&p.  The dimensions are roughly 6.5" by 4.5" and lined with a different fabric.  Please feel free to get in contact either by email or by visiting my facebook page and leaving me a message there, and I will get back to you :)

Righty-ho, that's me for today, off to great-aunt's now to sort her out for the day.  Have a good day everyone and speak to you soon,

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Afternoon all, having a quick sit down before heading off out again.  This morning we took our aunt out for breakie and a look round the shops.  She's housebound and we like to take her out at least once a week to get her some fresh air and change of scenery.  It is horrid, cold and blowy today though so she didn't enjoy it as much as usual.  I am thinking I may have to make her a blanket to cover her when she's in the wheelchair to keep her warm in the winter months.

Last night I had a play with my new stamp sets and here is a card I made with one of them:
I love the bird, he is so gorgeous and sits very well on this tree stamp, switched sideways to make a branch instead.  I am loving my new punches too, the oval and scallop oval, which makes mounting sentiments so much easier (and prettier too, I think).

Well, as much as I would love to be making more cards this afternoon, we are off out again in a while to meet with friends down the beach, although looking out the window, I am thinking, hmmmm, might get a bit blown away lol  We are hardy home educators though, out in all weathers and dash it all, we can always come home, dry off and warm ourselves up by the radiator :D

So, off I go, have a good rest of the day everyone and I will speak to you soon,